The Chapel Choir 
of Trinity College


An Introduction to the Choir

The main aim of the Chapel Choir is the promotion and performance of ecclesiastical music. Church music is examined in terms of artistic expression generally performed within with the appropriate liturgical setting. The execution of the society's aim requires long hours of practice on the part of the singers, and dedication and skill on the part of those responsible for their training. The Chapel Choir's activity should not be judged solely in terms of performance, but also in terms of the education of its members in musical technique and appreciation of musical history

    Bow Down Thine Ear

In the summer of 1996, the Chapel Choir produced a recording with music carefully selected for its general appeal, and in many cases its specific links with Trinity College. Bow Down Thine Ear is now available at the special price of IEP 11.99

A short history of the 
Chapel Choir in Trinity College